NCETC- Robotics- Lego Mindstorms


- 3 participants/ at least 2 Computers per Team
- No more than one "Lego Mindstorms" expert/team
- One Wiki Expert /team
- One student asst./team
- Choose someone to be the "Leader", "Editor", "Programmer", "Tester" (All will contribute to each job.)

- We have given you a "base" robot to build upon and program with.


- 10 minute Instruction
- 15 minute Sandbox
- 10 minute Reflection
- 20 minute lab experience
- 10 minute Wiki Update/Team
- 15 minute Debrief

Basic Robotics Instructions:

The Lego Mindstorms Eductional Package comes with short movies that demonstrate basic drag and drop programming as well as building instructions.


Team R1
Team R2
Team R3
Team R4
Team R5